About Us

Hi there,
My name is Sandra. I moved to United States in 2012. After settling down in my new home, I started dating and it was fun until one day I notice something fishy.
You know what I mean!

After searching through internet for the symptoms, I soon realized that it was bacterial vaginosis. Like most other women, I was embarrassed to admit this and go to see a medical doctor.
After spending hours and days on the web I have collected the information. But it was difficult and frustrating. Once I got my BV cured, I thought of helping other women who need anonymously. I was participating in formus and answering questions on question answer sites like Yahoo answers and Quora.
But I was answering the same questions over and over again. So I needed a better medium. My own information website sounded like cool idea. Soon I learned how to create a basic website and BacterialTreatment was born.

BacterialTreatment.com is a website dedicated to provide you with useful information on Bacterial vaginosis, yeast infection and other similar infection.